Pocket Knives

The world has really gotten ridiculous. This young man is on suspension for having a small pocket knife locked in his car in a school parking lot.

Shucks, I carried a pocket knife bigger than his every day to school from the fourth grade on, completely without incident. So did most boys. A lot could be learned about a young man, based on what kind of knife he carried.

Farm boys like me carried a Case or maybe an Old-Timer 3-blade pocketknife, usually big enough to wear a hole in your bluejeans pocket. Boy scouts carried a Swiss Army knife. A couple of the more edgy kids carried a cheap switchblade (yes, that was illegal). I think I remember seeing at least one butterfly knife.

Big woo. Nobody got stabbed.

The only knife wound that happened in my entire school career was this one boy who stabbed himself in the belly trying to cut a button off of a shirt (why? I have no idea – but that’s what he told me he was doing). And he did that at home, with a hunting knife.

This whole knife thing is vastly overblown.

Having said that, I realize that I grew up in a time when most parents taught their kids that it isn’t nice to stab other people. This entire scenario has more to do with the failure of the concept of parental responsibility than anything else.

I think the failure to consider the context and just blindly assign penalties is wrong. Our country’s judicial system has a certain amount of leeway built into it to allow for special circumstances, and pig-headed school administrators should apply that concept as well.


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