An Old Story

A long time ago, someone told me this story. I’d attribute it, but I don’t remember where it came from.

A pastor was preaching to his congregation:

“Strong drink is of the Devil! Christians should not drink Strong Drink!”

“Amen, brother!” said the old widow in the front row.

“And smoking is sinful! Lovers of the Lord should not Smoke!!”, sayeth the Pastor.

“Amen, Pastor!”, said the old widow.

“And Snuff! Snuff is Evil!!”, cried the Pastor.

“Now you’re MEDDLING!”, muttered the old Widow.

The moral of the story is obvious. Everybody is in favor of reform, as long as it is somebody else that is being reformed.

This is the fundamental problem with the current push for health care reform. Everybody agrees it’s a great idea – just don’t mess with ME. And that’s exactly how I feel, too.

I want the current push for reform to fail, because frankly I do not trust the current administration to stick to the specific subject. They have tried to hide so much left-wing progressive policy in this bill (or set of bills) that the whole thing has gone sour. I no longer trust them to come up with ANY bill that is honest.

Obama, Pelosi and Reed, and others, have poisoned this bill with their left-wing agenda. They have made so many patently false statements about it that it turns the stomach.

It’s kind of like getting screwed over by a dishonest salesman. The next time he tries to sell you something, you aren’t going to trust him much. That’s how this feels to me. I don’t have any faith at all that what is being done is for my family’s benefit.

So, Mr. Congressperson, if you happen to read this – vote NO on the health care bill, whatever is in the final version. You haven’t read it, you don’t know what’s in it. Vote NO. Maybe we can tackle it again in a few years with a more rational approach.


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