Obama the Undecided…

On the subject of Afghanistan, the one thing that appears to be certain at this point is that Obama is undecided on how to proceed.

I’m guessing here, not myself being a soldier, but I’d be willing to bet that nothing scares a soldier more than a commander that can’t make up his mind. The soldier wants a leader that does, or does not. Not one that calls a meeting to get a consensus. The decisions required to win a war cannot be made by taking a vote.

Nor does anyone respect a leader who gets petulant in the face of a decision.

Obama’s decision surely has many aspects. Can we, in fact, win? What is the actual cost to achieve that going to be, in terms of lives and dollars? Is it worth proceeding?

Then, there are the political aspects: Obama campaigned on his opinion that Afghanistan is where we should be concentrating our military forces. Obama spent years telling us this. Of course, this was a ploy at the time; he wanted Bush and the Republicans to appear (in some people’s minds) to be misguided. And now, Afghanistan is – unpopular.

So now, he’s got to decide whether to be consistent now with what he said then.

Then there are the aspects of how history will see Obama. Given his ego, and arrogance, I feel sure that this is on Obama’s mind, a lot.

Tough. Obama has come face to face with what George W. Bush faced on 9/11/2001. Sometimes, the President has to choose whether to make the right decision – or the popular one.

George W. Bush unflinchingly did what he thought was right. He protected us from terrorists for most of eight years – successfully. He was rewarded with vilification on the left, and political crucifixion by the media – but he stuck to his guns and succeeded in what he set out to do.

George Bush wasn’t perfect – but I respect him. He had the cojones to make unpleasant decisions. Decisions that cost him personally and politically. And he made some mistakes; but at least he was doing something.

I wonder what Obama is going to do?

If anything.


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2 Responses to Obama the Undecided…

  1. I don’t think that Obama has a clue on what to do about the Iraq or Afghanistan wars. His ‘community organizer’ advisers haven’t a clue either – they only know how to ‘organize’. If he listens to his military commanders, those who really know, he just might make a decision that will upset his supporters.

    I think you are right that he is frozen in fear about making the wrong decisions, so he just doesn’t want to make any concerning the war efforts.

    Can you say ‘deer in the headlights?’

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