The Leveling of America

Obama said to the U.N.:

“No one nation can or should try to dominate another nation. No world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will succeed. No balance of power among nations will hold.”

There you have it. Obama strives for mediocrity among nations. He wants a “world order” in which the U.S. is nothing special. He does not believe that the United States should be the exceptional nation it is – and he is doing everything he can to reduce it to the common denominator. This is why he apologizes to anyone who will listen for our success. This is why he wants to europeanize us.

Anyone who truly strives to equalize everybody will raise up those below the average – and tear down those above the average.

He’s ignoring the fact that our country pulled itself up by its bootstraps, and earned the success it has. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the fruits of our labor. Many U.S. citizens have died and struggled to protect us; and our productiveness as a people has given us the economic and military power that make us the dominant world power we are.

But Obama wants to take those fruits and ‘redistribute’ them to the people and to the world. He wants us to become a socialist country. He is adding unsustainable debt at a rate that will destroy the dollar, and soon make us paupers on the home front and the world stage. Paying for ObamaCare and Cap and Trade will be an incredible burden on our people, reducing our purchasing power and thereby our personal freedom.

He wants to reduce or destroy our military advantages – notice the reductions in funding, cancelation of various programs like the F-22 Raptor (putting thousands out of work), and the recent missile defense cancellations. He’s announced that he wants to do away with our nuclear capacity.

Obama is wrecking us financially and militarily.

No wonder so many of our enemies like Obama – he wants the same thing for us that they do.

Finally, out of his own mouth, the truth.

That’s what it looks like from where I sit.


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6 Responses to The Leveling of America

  1. “Anyone who truly strives to equalize everybody will raise up those below the average – and tear down those above the average.”

    This is wrong – equalization will just pull everyone down to “below the average”, leaving only the elite above.

  2. Dustin says:

    Popgun I want to start about by saying I really appericiate how you use rational and intelligent thoughts to make your arguements, However I have to disagree with you Obama is not making us weaker by doing this he is simply saying we shouldn’t dominate any other nations…what is wrong with that? every nation is sovernt and should be able to run their countryhow they want to as long as it poses no threat to other nations. We have to realize we are all in this world together and we should all work together when possible.However I do understand that at times you have to exert force and power when needed but we dont have to “dominate” everyone or everything at all times, and we are not right about everything we do or have done any we all need to lose the sense that America is right at all things and everyone should submit to us.

    • Popgun says:

      Hi, Dustin;

      I have no problem with not ‘dominating’ other countries. I do believe it would be prudent to retain the ABILITY to do so if necessary.

      For instance, I have a concealed handgun license, and I do carry. I don’t go around ‘dominating’ people around me. However, if I am attacked by a nutcase with a weapon, I will be able to defend myself reasonably well. I am restrained from ‘dominating’ those around me by my moral sense, and by law.

      Obama wants to destroy our strength. I think we should keep it. If that means we ‘dominate’, I have no problem with that, as long as our country retains it’s moral focus – the same as me carrying my weapon, the only difference being that the world knows we have the strength.

      Having strength (both military and economic) is not in itself a bad thing. This country has for many years been the strongest in the world in both areas. The important thing to realize is that with strength comes responsibility. I believe that the U.S. has acquitted itself well, although of course mistakes have been made. This is a huge difference from the ‘dominance’ exerted by, for instance, Hitler.

      One test to use as regards power is comfort level. I carry a gun. Those who know I do are comfortable with me in the room with them because they know that I would defend them as well as myself if things go pear shaped. The same is true for the U.S.; I expect that Canada, for instance, would lots rather have us for a neighbor than, say, Venezuela and Hugo Chavez.

      Wrecking our financial system, replacing it with socialism, and dismantling our military capability, which Obama is doing, delights our enemies. The moment they perceive we are weakened enough, do you truly think they will stop at treating us as ‘equals’?. That is not a level of restraint I am willing to trust that our enemies have. The moment they think they can take us out, they will.


  3. Dustin says:

    Although I disagree with your thoughts on Socialism and the way we are heading right now domestically. I Will say I agree with you on your Foreign outlook, I don’t think we should diminish our power because power is what gets you the ability to be at the international table to talk with other countries and to be taken seriously, but Obama has not made us weaker (at least in my opinion)take a look at what went on yesterday, and how we actually have Russia,China,Germany,France,and Great Britain standing with us on the issue of Iran and its secret Nuke facility. That is pretty much the first time all of those countries have came together with us to condemn Iran especially in the case of Russia who has been playing Iran’s defender and is key in being successful in dealing with Iran. Now as for the case of Obama dismantling our military that is just not the case; as with the stoppage of production of the F-22, you have to look at the full scope of things (which was called for by our Sec. of Defense), for one there are planes with better overall Technology that could use the future funding (I believe the main one is the F-35) and two the money that would be spent on that could be of better use at this time if allocated to other areas…as for say the call for nuclear disarmament by Obama that is nothing new and has been going on for years. But like I said that is just my opinion.

    • Popgun says:

      Hi, Dustin;

      Thank you for your comments. I’m watching the current events with great interest. I have my doubts whether Russia, China and Germany will back up the threat to Iran, but we’ll see.

      I would love to be wrong about Obama, for the good of the country – but I don’t think I am. Everything he’s done demonstrates a move to socialism. I see most actions he’s taken as being detrimental to the country. In a few years, we will know for sure.


  4. Dustin says:

    Hey no problem I just apperciate being able to have a logical conversation with someone that has a different opinion.

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