Political Racism

Isn’t it interesting how the ‘race card’ seems to always be played by Democrats?

Just noticing, in today’s news: Jimmy Carter, and Representative Hank Johnson, both making unfounded racial accusations. Obama played the race card in his campaign several times. However, I can’t think of ANY instance of a Republican playing the race card. I’m not saying there’s not one out there, but if so, I don’t know about it.

It seems to me that the last few years, Democrats seem to use race as a political tool; I don’t see the Republicans doing it.

Who’s racist? Those who use it politically, or those who don’t?

When a politician (or anybody) claims another person or group is racist, the next question should be “Where’s your proof?”.

It would benefit those that are truly concerned about racism if the politicians quit talking about it. The political smoke obscures those situations where actual racism may be involved. Racism is a serious evil – where it really exists. And in either direction; these days, there is just as much or more racism by blacks against whites as the converse.

Politicians need to quit blowing that particular whistle unless they have evidence. Otherwise, they are claiming to be able to read minds – something I think is beyond most politicians. It’s McCarthyism, pure and simple – except the target is people being accused of prejudice instead of people being accused of being communists.


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