Thanks, Fox!

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Fox News, the O’Reilly Factor, Hannity, Beck, Greta and many others on Fox.

Any attempt by one human to communicate to another is by nature biased in some way. Fox makes the attempt to be fair and balanced. It isn’t perfect; but it is by far the best current ongoing attempt to do this.

There have been numerous examples of events recently that we wouldn’t even have heard about if it wasn’t for Fox News.

If you relied on any other network, you would probably not have heard about the Acorn scandals of the last few days.

You probably would not have known what a prejudiced, communist whack job the former ‘Green Jobs’ Czar Van Jones is.

You may not have heard that there was a Tea Party in Washington on 9/12/09, numbering upwards of 100,000 people, protesting health care, the enlargement of the government, cap and trade, etc. You might also have developed certain incorrect ideas about this group, due to the slanderous and misleading comments made by many in the administration, including Obama. If you even heard that part.

Chances are very good that you would have no idea what is actually IN the current versions of the health system overhaul bill, unless you did your own research. It would pass because nobody would have any idea what was in it.

What good are these other networks if they don’t tell you what’s going on? They have universally failed to deliver the news that we need to hear, and therefore have failed in their responsibility to us.

Thank you, Fox, for your ongoing efforts to be, you know, an actual real live news media. This country has a lot of problems, but they would be much worse without the information conduit that you represent for those of us who care.



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