A Typical Liberal Comment

Here’s an example of a comment by an extreme liberal, which was made on my previous entry:

Obama wasn’t targeting Palin, he was targeting the foul rumors put forth and supported by “her crowd”.

He even stated that he was addressing politicians–and Palin is NOT a politician, she quit remember? Her only mission is to spread hatred and misinformation, and idiots like you swallow it hook, line, and sinker.

This is the sort of comment that I won’t approve for posting on my site. This is because:

  • Name calling: if you want to have comments approved on my blog, you can start off by not insulting me.
  • Misinformation: Obama was indeed targeting Palin, since she is the one who popularized the description ‘death panels’ in the bill. There are several other indicators, as well.
  • Misinformation: Palin is indeed a politician, by her own admission; she’s just not a Governor any more. You will note that she still has her PAC (Political Action Committee) operating, for one thing. Just because somebody is not currently in office does not mean they are not a politician. By his logic, Bill Clinton isn’t a politician, either.
  • More misinformation: everything he/she said about Palin.

How many of my statements did this person refute? None. How many of Palin’s statements did this person refute? None.

This is the typical level of discourse the liberal left seems to be capable of, at least so far as the occasional comment I receive from that side seems to indicate. They just don’t seem to be able to think rationally and logically. I’ll be glad to debate anybody, but bring facts and logic to the debate – not vitriolic attacks.

The reason Sarah Palin’s statements are so provocative is that they are backed by facts and logic, and she supports the constitution of the U.S. as the framework for her ideas. The liberal left do not have any weapon to bring to bear on this except scorn and hatred, as demonstrated by the above. You will note that this misguided person offered not one single fact to bolster his argument, and, just like his hero Obama, is heavy on oratory and short on facts. Also like Obama he included plain falsehoods, easily refuted.

This guy (or gal) did not want to offer intelligent discourse, he just wanted to do what he accused Sarah Palin of doing: “spread hatred and misinformation”. It’s really sad, the lack of critical thinking going on in this person’s head.

One other comment about this person. I checked out his blog, and this person must truly hate our country. I’ve rarely seen such vitriol. Of course, I’m not going to advertise for him by posting a link <grin>.


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