I Was Watching Obama’s Speech Tonight and

I was watching Obama’s speech tonight, and got to watching Joe Biden, behind him:


I just couldn’t resist. From left to right: Sam the Eagle, Joe Biden, and Walter. Someone else thought of Walter; I thought of Sam the Eagle.

Obama sure does talk purty, don’t he??

Obama didn’t add much to the discussion tonight; nothing changed of any significance. He wants to slide the government insurance non-profit company in there to compete with regular insurance companies that exist to make a profit, which will eventually drive the for-profit businesses out of business. True, his bill doesn’t itself require you to change; it simply sets up conditions that make it inevitable. Obama knows this and is being deceptive in his statements.

The tax penalties on small businesses such as I work for is 8% of payroll if they don’t provide insurance, in this bill. My employer would have to cancel our insurance and pay that penalty in order to remain competitive with other businesses that do the same – he can’t provide insurance at 8% of payroll. This is a fact, I’ve seen the numbers. It is inevitable that the employees of the company I work for will wind up on the government plan, if this bill passes. Whether we want to or not.

Rationing is inevitable under this plan simply because of adding 30 million or so new people into the system, without adding a commensurate number of medical personnel and facilities. About the death panels: in a rationed system, some group of bureaucrats will sit around a table and decide what the government will fund and what it won’t. That group of bureaucrats is the ‘death panel’. They won’t be ruling on individual cases; they will just decide whether you can have that hip replacement you really need.

Everybody but Obama, including the Office of Management and Budget, knows that this bill will add to the deficit by a number approaching a trillion dollars over 10 years.

Obama mentioned tort reform – but made no commitment to put it in the bill. Why do the democrats not want it in the bill? Because they are in the pockets of trial lawyers.

You know what you call skydivers that are also lawyers? Skeet.

Them’s the facts as I see them.


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