It Scares the Fool Out of Me

Bayou Renaissance Man has a good article on Joe Biden’s recent remarks, and the economy.   

Frankly, it scares the fool out of me – because Bayou may be right. Like a lot of people, I have the uneasy feeling that the other shoe hasn’t fallen yet.

While we all struggle financially, the Democrats party, and try to push through their radical liberal agenda. They are throwing gasoline on the fire with their economic policies, and they are pushing programs that will be very expensive to implement – both health care and their cap & trade plan will be massively expensive. The health care overhaul represents control of around 20% of the total U.S. economy. The cap and trade bill represents the largest tax increase in the history of the world. All while they invoke a $1 trillion dollar per year deficit.

This, at a time when what is really needed is to get money back into the private sector, so businesses can hire more people. Unemployment is very high, with no end in sight. The government needs to quit spending money, and leave it in the private sector so businesses can be profitable and hire more people.

I believe this administration understands this. However, they don’t care. They know they have to completely break down the capitalist system in order to establish their communist / socialist agenda – and that is what I think they are trying to do.

Ask domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, “God Damn America” Rev. Wright, and Obama’s other mentors. They’ll tell you where he’s trying to go.


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