Nifty Application for the iPhone

Here’s a nifty application for the iPhone, if you have any interest in the sky.

It is Pocket Universe for the iPhone. There’s a review here.

Amazing. Probably useful to amateur astronomers, too. You can take it outside and it can show you the sky from where you are – and help you identify what you are seeing.

Absolutely cool.


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2 Responses to Nifty Application for the iPhone

  1. Erika says:

    I know Pocket Universe and use it… but having also tried Star Walk I can say that the latter is way better, stunning graphic similar features and higher quality of realization
    by an absolute beginner in astronomy!

  2. Popgun says:

    Hi, Erika;

    On the basis of your comment, I tried Star Walk, and I think you’re right. I like it better.

    Thanks for your input.


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