Drill Baby Drill!

Sarah Palin says it very well!

Obama is sending more than $2 billion dollars to Brazil so their government oil company Petrobras can drill off shore. Why? Why help them when we need the business?

That is a great many good-paying jobs that could be ours, right here in the U.S.

We have the oil and gas reserves to completely remove our dependence on foreign oil – if our government will authorize us to go get it. This has been blocked by left-leaning democrats and environmentalist lobbies. It is time to stop this nonsense, and do the logical thing.

The fundamental thing the environmentalists need to understand is this: we are going to burn the same amount of oil, whether we get it here or from some foreign government. There is NO difference in environmental impact from drilling here in the U.S., and offshore as opposed to buying oil from overseas.

Drilling here and now has the following benefits:

  • Immediately and near-term open up many thousands or even millions of well-paid jobs in the U.S.
  • Needs NO new technology, unlike the green energy projects that Obama and the democrats want. This means that MORE jobs come open SOONER.
  • In the near future, would dramatically reduce or eliminate our dependence on foreign oil. This reduces or eliminates a lever used by those foreign governments to influence U.S. foreign policy. As an analogy – if someone else controls your food supply – they own you. That is the situation we are in now – by our own choice!
  • It would eliminate an outflow of some number between $400 billion and $700 billion which now leaves this country every year for the purchase of oil.
  • It would be a big step towards stopping the present economic slide. That many billions of dollars kept in our economy might even be enough to pull us completely out of the recession.

What is stopping us from doing this?

Intense lobbying by environmental groups and left-wing activists which influence politicians of all stripes. What happened to Obama’s promise to eliminate all that lobbying influence??

Especially since we now know that there is no good evidence that global warming is even happening; noting that for more than ten years, the earth’s average temperature has been cooling! Predicating national policy on bogus science, for the benefit of a few people like Al Gore, who is getting rich off of it, is ludicrous.

It is time that we put a stop to this nonsense.

Drill Here – Drill Now!

Exit strategy: While we drill here, drill now – we also need to implement a program to identify and make economically viable alternate energy technologies. We can afford to take our time and do this right, rather than trying to enforce an economically ruinous switch to technologies that are not mature, which is what the present administration would like us to do. In the future we really will run out of oil – and we need to be prepared for that day. But we do have time to plan it and do it in a way that doesn’t destroy us economically.


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