ObamaCare WILL Fund Medically Unnecessary Abortions

OK, we already know that medical care will be rationed to save money, primarily impacting the elderly and the disabled.

We also know that ObamaCare will fund medically unnecessary abortions .

WHY is ObamaCare paying for ANY elective medicine, when ObamaCare is by definition ALWAYS going to be strapped for cash? Especially since that means the money spent on those abortions won’t be available for taking care of people who are actually sick?

Personally, I think that any rationing should begin with all elective treatments. Let me say that again. Before the government reaches the point where anybody is denied care for financial reasons, ALL MEDICALLY UNNECESSARY, ELECTIVE MEDICINE SHOULD BE ELIMINATED FIRST.

This is just one aspect of this proposed bill that I find way out of line. We need to make sure that this bill does not pass at all.


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