Culture Shock

The following is my personal opinion. I have no specific data to back it up, other than certain poll numbers.

I think the President and other democrats are actually shocked  that so many citizens are balking at their plans. It looks to me like they actually thought that the majority of U.S. citizens was in favor of their agenda.

The mistake the Democrats made is in believing that 52% of the vote translated into 52% believing in their policies. A large block of voters who voted for Obama and Democrats did so, not because of Democratic policies, but because he isn’t Bush. Many also voted for Obama for reasons having nothing to do with his political agenda; for popularity, because he is black, because they thought he would solve all their problems. Not so much, because of his actual agenda.

That doesn’t mean those voters are stupid. They can see, as we all can, what Obama and the other Democrats are now trying to achieve: socialism, especially wealth redistribution; intrusive big government control of all aspects of our lives, especially health care (up until you get old, that is, at which point they want to ‘save money’); a completely unrealistic energy policy; and soon, milking us like a cow for every dime they can shake us down for, since they have now run out of ways to finance their agenda without raising taxes.

We can all see laws being passed based on a political agenda rather than the welfare of the people of the United States. Laws being passed without being read by the congressmen who voted for them. Laws being passed without regard for the cost, in order to further their political agenda.

Obama ran on a platform of change; and it was a brilliant campaign. But now the people can see what ‘change’ Obama actually intended, and most of us don’t like it. The American people were sold a pig in a poke. But we are still Americans, who believe we have the right to stand up and express our views – and the Obama administration doesn’t like that.

I urge all citizens, whether you agree with me or not, to tell your representatives how you want them to represent you, on every major issue! It is the only control we have of the government, until the next election cycle.


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