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Now, the Democrats are trying their best to paint the protests against ObamaCare at town halls across the country as being orchestrated and bussed in by right-wing extremist groups. They are calling these groups ‘mobs’. This is funny as heck considering how the left-wing democrats behaved over the last few years. Anybody remember the disruptions they created in the city at the Republican National Convention? How about all the various disruptions by Code Pink?

Every single person I have discussed this with, or overheard talking about it, is strongly opposed to ObamaCare. Where I live, the general consensus is that we don’t want it; granted, this is not a statistically viable sample; but you would have thought I would have heard somebody say something positive about it, and I haven’t.

If there was a town hall meeting around here, I’d be strongly tempted to drive myself there and add my voice to the chorus. I’m 55 years old, and I don’t want some <expletive deleted> bureaucrat dictating what medicine I can have, especially as I get older.

I fear that without a massive public outcry, the congress will pass this bill regardless of whether the people want it or not. There has already been talk of using the reconciliation clause to pass it with a simple majority of 50 votes in the Senate, eliminating the only effective tool the Republicans have left – the filibuster. Every poll shows that a massive majority is against this bill.

Nobody is organizing me. I have studied the issue, and I know where I stand on it. Senators and Congressmen, take note – vote NO to any form of ObamaCare. I don’t trust you people to peel potatoes, much less run health care reform. LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE AND VOTE THEIR WISHES – THAT’S YOUR JOB!!!

Sad to say, your record speaks for itself.


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3 Responses to Where I Live…

  1. steve lippert says:

    well said. keep up the good work.

  2. TheOtherLarry says:

    be careful, somebody might snitch on you. The health care website is asking people to report blogs, forums, etc.

    Check it out:



  3. Popgun says:

    Hi, TheOtherLarry;

    I took care of it. I sent them an email and told them all about my blog.

    I also reported the fishy reporting on the protests – seems like the democrats and the left-leaning media is trying to paint the protests as being created by right-wing extremist groups. I personally think this as “fishy” and it is certainly “misinformation” that ought to be reported. Maybe we should send them an email every time we see something on the news with false allegations about this.


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