Challenge to Our Government

A challenge to the United States Government:

Do not pass ObamaCare – unless you can guarantee that it will provide equal or better health care than we are getting now, for equal or less money than we are paying now.

Do not pass Cap and Trade – unless you can prove without doubt that:

  • Man-made Global Warming is a real phenomenon (given that for the last ten years the planet has been cooling! – an inconvenient truth…)
  • This legislation will result in an improvement in the human condition that is worth the incredible cost that you already know it will inflict on each and every U.S. citizen, and the real poverty that will ensue as many, many businesses are shut down.

I don’t think you can guarantee any of that.

Do not pass ANY legislationthat you haven’t read line-by-line, in person, and understood. The rule is simple: if you haven’t read it, vote no. This simple rule will prevent poorly considered legislation from being passed.

I’m just one man, watching the upper management of the U.S. cause our country to descend into chaos through complete and total mismanagement and the inflicting of poorly fitting political ideologies. I don’t have any faith at all that anybody in our government will actually do any of the above…


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