ObamaCare Funds Abortion

ObamaCare will probably fund abortion.

Another article about ObamaCare funding abortion. < Added 8/5/09 >

And another: Tax Money for Abortions < Added 8/6/09 >

Whether you believe that abortion is moral or not, still, abortion is an elective surgery. Elective surgery has no place in a government funded and run health care system that will be rationing care.

Save the money that would pay for those abortions, and apply it to the health of the elderly that this plan will short-change.

There’s something sick about this “health care” plan. Higher costs; paying for abortion; rationing care for the elderly or the permanently disabled; how is this better than what we’ve got?

Funding abortion; rationing care; end-of-life strategy counseling; it seems these people want to control costs – by means of death.

Call your congress-critters and tell them to vote it down!


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4 Responses to ObamaCare Funds Abortion

  1. Dustin says:

    It is illegal for one for The Federal Government to Pay for abortion and two there is NO mention what so ever in the propsed Health care plans of Abortion at all!

  2. popgun says:

    Hi, Dustin;

    Clearly, you did not read the linked article, or follow the links on its page. A provision for abortion was voted into an amendment late Thursday. Look again!


  3. Dustin says:

    well if you read carefully,the new provision added stats no federal tax dollars will be used to fund abortion, becuase well its not allowed since the 1976 Hyde amendment, what it does say is abortion will be paid for by premiums paid by the insured, not Tax dollars.

  4. Popgun says:

    Hi, Dustin;

    Clearly, you did not read the third linked article, Tax Money for Abortions… again. As the article clearly states, the legislation is “an end run around the Hyde amendment”. Tax dollars will indeed fund abortion if this is passed.

    You did actually read the articles, didn’t you?


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