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What I’m reading today:

Liberty and Tyranny by Mark R. Levin

So far, it’s really good. I’m a couple of chapters into it, and so far Mr. Levin has explained quite a lot about the history of the battle between conservatism and statism. It sheds some light on Obama’s intentions, since he is clearly a statist. I think I’m going to be happy with this, but I’m not through yet.

David Falkayn; Star Trader by Poul Anderson

This is actually a series of novelettes and short stories written by the inimitable Poul Anderson from the ’50’s through the 70’s. I read every one of these in my earlier years, and it was with great joy that I saw that they’ve been re-published in this collection. This book is one of four which are encompassing Anderson’s work. If you read Heinlein’s work, you will almost certainly enjoy this. One thing I have noticed is that my own attitudes have changed since I originally read some of these. The gender-based stereotypes paint the women mostly as damsels in distress, which is far different than today’s writing. So when you read it, bear in mind it was written when these attitudes were different. Recommended.


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2 Responses to Current Reads

  1. Jon says:

    Wait, women aren’t damsels in distress? What am I supposed to do with this trusty steed and pile of armor now?

  2. popgun says:

    Hi, Jon;

    Well, if it makes you feel better, I suspect damsels still like to be rescued…


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