Just So You Know…

ObamaCare presently has provisions for:

Personally, I think if illegal aliens need medical care, they should go back where they came from to get it, and let their government pay for it. By getting medical care here, they are in effect stealing from us. If they want medical care here, they need to become U.S. citizens in the traditional way – first. And if they need emergency medical care here, we need to deport them as soon as they are healthy enough to travel, and bill their government for the medical care.

I’m against elective abortions, period. Considered from the perspective of ObamaCare, it should not be covered. It is elective surgery and the cost should NOT be borne by the government, any more than elective plastic surgery such as breast enhancement is. If the government is going to ration health care (and they are), let them save the money for old people who need pacemakers instead of giving it to irresponsible people who want to avoid the consequences of their actions.

The democrats still haven’t figured out how to pay for ObamaCare. It’s still hard for me to see how you’re going to save money by spending a few trillion dollars, and simultaneously not raise taxes on people making less than $250,000 a year, and also not raise the deficit. Interesting position the democrats have put themselves in, isn’t it? Keeping all those promises is – inconvenient.

And members of congress don’t have to be on the same plan most of us will be on. I wonder what they know that we don’t?

I’m not necessarily against revamping health care. But these people are trying to slip too much of the left-wing agenda such as the above into the bill; and contrary to what Obama says, there is no hurry. Yes, the rising costs are a problem – but they are not an immediate problem and this is not an emergency.


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