Cap and Trade – Political Suicide

Notice to all politicians of any stripe, and Obama in particular, regarding Cap and Trade;

You people have been getting away with shoving unpalatable bills through congress ever since Obama was inaugurated, mostly because the majority of citizens in the U.S. are apolitical – they vote based on popularity (if they vote), and then don’t pay too much attention to what you are doing to them.

HOWEVER, if you pass the Cap & Trade bill, you are about to hit all of us in the pocketbook in a major way. This is going to get the attention of the electorate.

IF you vote to pass this law in any form, we will not forget, and you will be out of a job at our next opportunity. At the next mid-term elections, and at the next Presidential election, the financial rape that you are about to inflict on us will not be forgotten. Count on it.

Those of us who do pay attention will make sure your names are known to every voter we can reach. We are holding you accountable for your actions. Voting for this bill may be political suicide – think about it.


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