The Job’s Not Finished until the Paperwork is Done!

I don’t usually blog about work, but:

I just sent the last (I hope, I hope, I hope) document and transmittal on an order for a total of six pumps that began over two years ago. This last document was a piece of paper telling the customer that two other pieces of paper they wanted are not applicable.

The customer already knows that they aren’t getting those two other pieces of paper; but they have to get this third piece of paper that says that they aren’t getting those two other pieces of paper (four hard copies, plus two copies of the transmittal, plus one email copy), or they don’t officially know they aren’t getting those other two pieces of paper. For those who don’t know, a transmittal is a piece of paper listing what other pieces of paper you are sending someone.

All this so that somebody, somewhere, who already has this information, can change an O to an X in a spreadsheet somewhere.

This project has consumed, on my end, 140.2 MB on disk, for 598 files. A casual search turns up another 861 emails related to this project. Behind my desk is a roll-around that has about 8 inches or so of related documents.

For six pumps.

Our customer probably wonders why it is so hard to be competitive…


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