General Morality And Hollywood…

I am thinking about the general moral problem we have, as a people, here in the United States; and worldwide, as well.

There are a lot of people in Hollywood and elsewhere who think that a sense of honor and decency, and holding to any set of morals, is old fashioned and wrong. Sad as it is, that’s OK, because they are entitled to their own beliefs.

However, many entertainers are perfectly happy to offend people or be crude in one way or the other, in order to get in the news, or to get a laugh. They get attention (i.e. positive feedback) by stepping over the lines of decency.

Obviously, the problem with choosing that path is that, each time, the entertainer has to get a little more depraved in order to titillate the audience one more time. In short order, the entertainer doesn’t have any more morality to sell for laughs.

The flip side of the coin is that the watcher, who tolerates this or even laughs at it, is participating in this moral transaction. It’s the moral equivalent of supplying drugs to an addict. If nobody listened to these people, they’d go away.

Because these entertainers enjoy the attention of the media, this has, over time, caused a nation-wide slide in morality. What used to be unthinkable for a media figure is now commonplace. And people who watch TV and movies uncritically, soak up that Hollywood (lack of) morality.

At some point, each of us has to decide for themselves when we’ve had enough of this. We need to hold entertainers to higher standards than they generally currently exhibit.

We do this by voting with our time, and our wallet. I will not support an offensive entertainer or one who blatantly pushes a morality that is different from mine. If an entertainer has to resort to crude sexual jokes, or character assassination, or hate speech such as was spewed recently by Megan Fox and David Letterman, they can count on losing my attention and whatever revenue is generated by their advertisers.

Therefore, I’m not going to see the next Transformers movie, and I will never watch David Letterman again. Advertisers, take note.

Because if I continue to give these people my attention, that would help enable them to continue their crusade against everything I believe in.

So, where is the line that you won’t cross over?


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One Response to General Morality And Hollywood…

  1. Tad Kubic says:

    I really appreciate your remarks. Like you I vote with my money and time. If an entertainer wishes to violate standards of civility and decorum that is their right. It is also my right to push the “off” button or not pay my cash to see their performance. It might not make much difference in their income but I can sleep comfortably knowing I did what I could.

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