It being that time of year, I’ve been contemplating the pointlessness of mowing the grass, which I do about twice a week. Our yard is about two acres.

The <insert expletive here> bahia grass (pronounced buh-hay-yuh, around here), will literally grow stems a foot tall in less than 24 hours after a rain. It takes about three or four days if conditions are dry. It is tough to cut – hard on the blades.

I spend about four to six hours a week mowing, during the season. The cost, figuring in gas, maintenance, blades, and the actual cost of the machine, is on the order of $1385 per year, figuring the mower will last five years without major problems, if I’m lucky – a doubtful proposition.

Like Sisyphus, rolling that boulder up a hill, just to watch it roll back down again. Forever.

What do we get from all this? Well, it looks nice, about twice a week….

I think I’m going to plant about two acres of trees, sometime soon. When it comes time to retire, I want off this treadmill.


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