North Korea

For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, North Korea has stated that it “no longer considers itself bound by the armistice that ended the Korean War”. This is a very strong statement.

This is triggered by the U.S. and South Korea searching North Korea ships for nuclear components that it may be selling. Obviously, North Korea objects to attempts to restrain its trade in nuclear arms.

This is non-trivial. It may lead to war, possibly nuclear. North Korea has nukes, and it has missiles, and it has flung down the gauntlet: if any ships are searched, it will respond with “immediate, strong military measures”.

Now that they’ve said it, they’ve got to do it. The rest of the world can either allow them to spread their nuclear technology, which will make much bigger problems later, or provoke them to war. Neither choice is palatable.

This is not a situation that can be resolved with ‘sanctions’ by the U.N.

Obama can either get tough and call their bluff, or he can bow to them. I wonder which it will be?


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