Pulp Wood and Snakes, #1

Once, when cutting pulp wood, Rick and I had cut down a lot of trees – we’d cut the trees down first, then go around cutting them into lengths to stack on the truck. So the ground looked like we were playing pixie sticks with trees – they were laying every which way, complete with all foliage.

I was moving through the mess, marking lengths on the trees with a machete, so we’d know where to make the cuts. I looked down at one point, and saw, framed by pieces of wood and leaves, the middle of a snake. Probably a cottonmouth moccasin, I didn’t see either end. So, I reached down with the machete and cut it in half.

Later, when we had finished cutting the wood and were loading the truck, I found the tail of the snake.

I never did find the end with the teeth, though.


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