Transparency in Obama’s Government

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Our illustrious government is releasing photos of alleged prisoner abuse that will embarrass and put at risk U.S. citizens worldwide – but they won’t release the photos taken of the Air Force One fly-over in New York City that cost us, the taxpayers, $328,835 in this time of financial difficulties.

I’d say the current administration has a bit of a problem with priorities. Say it again – issue photos that will endanger U.S. citizens and embarrass our United States of America – but don’t issue photos that might embarrass Barack Obama?

This is not the ‘transparency’ that was promised.

ADDENDUM: It was just released that Obama has reversed course on this issue, and will release the Air Force One fly-over pictures after all. Make of that what you will.

ADDENDUM #2: Looking again, the statement is “release a photo”. So they’re releasing one photo. Odd – we paid for all of them; why the reticence?


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  1. I’d say they have their priorities perfectly straight. Air Force One Photos are not important. The fact that the Bush administration tried to fight terror, using terror, needed exposing.

  2. popgun says:

    Hi, futiledemocracy;
    I have to disagree with you on several counts.

    First, and foremost, releasing those pictures may put Americans at risk, which is just wrong, and completely indefensible.

    Second, stating that the Bush administration tried to fight terror using terror as a fact is not supportable. Innocent until proven guilty, in the U.S.A.

    Third, the Air Force One photos are in fact very important – they illustrate this administration’s true priorities – wasting our tax money, and trying to minimize the embarrassment to Obama by not giving us those very expensive photos.


  3. Rob Pfriender says:

    So, now Obumer refuses to release the NYC flyover and scare the crap out of everyone photographs. Why? Simply, because the don’t exist. There never were pictures taken that day…it was just another lie.

    Obviously, one of Obumer’s cronies, likely someone who made a huge campaign contribution got some payback in the form of an Air Force One joy ride.

    It can’t be any more apparent. I am certain that if they really needed some photos that virtually all of the White House staff knew they could use Photoshop since they had already used it on the boss’s faked Certificate of Live Birth.

    Notice, they also refuse to say who was on board during the flight, very telling.

  4. popgun says:

    Hi, Rob;

    Well, we do have to admit that they are beginning to release the information, under pressure. A Fox News article states that they are going to release the photos. We’ll have to see what comes out of it, as to the real reasons for doing the fly-over, and who was involved. It would be interesting if you were correct.

    Also, to be fair, nobody has proved that Obama cheated on his birth records. And a great many people are trying to prove that.

    Even though they’ve stated that they will release the photos, I do wonder why they ever said they wouldn’t. I get the feeling that those people don’t think things through.


    • Rob says:

      OK, so they released a single photo today.

      Having used Photoshop daily for many years I can say with certainty that this photo is a composite…and a
      very poor one at that.

      Look at the edge definition, the plane was obviously cut as a mask and pasted in.

      Then look at the contrast and brightness, its extremely dark for the time of day it was supposedly taken.

      The plane is completely out of context to the background. It was clearly altered to prevent details from being seen.

      You’ll notice that the saved image’s size on disk does not match the actual image size…which almost always happens when the photo has been altered.

      And the height from the ground is far in excess of what the video taken by witnesses show clearly along with the position relative to the monument.

      In regard to your comment about the certificate of live birth, several experts have studied the image and declared it an absolute forgery. I concur.

  5. popgun says:

    Hi, Rob;

    You may be right – I do not have the expertise to judge for myself, on either this released photo or the certificate of live birth.

    Understand that I am playing the devil’s advocate here – but do you have access to the original graphic file? The one I found on the Fox site is clearly much lower resolution than any camera would record, these days. I imagine it was at least reduced in size for posting on the web. Therefore, it’s almost 100% certain that the photo that I found was modified from the original file.

    If you have access to the original, please post again with the URL. I’d be most interested.


  6. Rob says:

    I suggest that you read these comments from forensic document experts. There can be no doubt that the COLB was forged:

    In regard to the Airforce One photo, yes the resolution was reduced to 96 dpi. If you intend to release a photo for the purpose of being honest, you’d release the RAW image in full resolution along with info on they type of camera used and what revisions may have been done. They did not and I doubt that they will. I am trying to recover the metadata information from the image file. This hidden info will provide some of the exact details, unless of course it was purposely removed to prevent that…which would bring up another point, why would they want that info removed. Most people have no idea that this data exists on every digital image file and usually includes the camera model, settings, date and time, etc. So, if the image was made on a date or time other than the day of the flyover obviously you’d want to remove that. Some image editing software will also add info to the metadata.

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