Water-boarding is NOT the Issue

Intelligence – We Has It…

It’s interesting how Obama has released the documents showing details of water-boarding – but has declined to release documents that would show the actual facts gleaned, from which we, the public, could decide for ourselves if critical data was gathered.

Now why would he do that?

Clearly, Obama wants a witch-hunt. Possibly to distract the rest of us from the slight-of-hand that he’s doing with the economics of the United States, which is a far more critical issue at this time. Let’s face it, there is no particular reason to move the water-boarding problem to the head of the line at this time – what’s done is done. We can analyze that issue at our leisure. So why make water-boarding an issue now?

Obama is a magician, and a good one. He directs your attention over here, while he’s doing things over there


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