Reality Distortion….

Charles Krauthammer has an interesting article at Townhall. I want to focus on one statement from his article.

The Whopper: The boast that he <Obama> had “identified $2 trillion in deficit reductions over the next decade.” It takes audacity to repeat this after it had been so widely exposed as transparently phony. Most of this $2 trillion is conjured up by refraining from spending $180 billion a year for 10 more years of surges in Iraq. Hell, why not make the “deficit reductions” $10 trillion — the extra $8 trillion coming from refraining from repeating the $787 billion stimulus package annually through 2019.

ADDENDUM: And then there’s the ‘statistic’ that Mexico is getting 90% of its guns from the United States – WRONG – the true number is estimated to be 17%. But the Democrats in charge still tout the 90% number even though it is widely recognized as being way off.

The thing that bothers me, and should bother you, is that Obama is still repeating numbers that he knows are not true. And, apparently, is basing his policy on them.

Why would he repeat bad information? Information that he knows is misleading?

Obviously, because he hopes to mislead everyone in his audience.

Obama knows that the long term side effects of his policies have big problems – and he does not have a solution. But he is proceeding with his policies anyway, because it takes the country in the direction he wants it to go – and when all of the problems caused by his policies come ‘home to roost’, it will be some other President that will have to deal with it.


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