Wealth Redistribution Won’t Work…

Socialism, or wealth redistribution, or whatever today’s name for it is, will never work in the long run. And this is why:

It is based on the idea that the government can take your money at gunpoint and give it to those who have not earned it.

(I’m serious about that remark “at gunpoint” – if you don’t believe me, try not paying your taxes and see what happens! If you keep it up, sooner or later, the cops will come to take you to jail, and they will have guns. Oh, I forgot – this is true unless you are a Democrat and trying to get into Obama’s cabinet…)

This concept of wealth redistribution has several flaws:

  • If the difference in well-being of those who work for a living and those who don’t is low, the incentive for a person to work for a living drops, resulting in fewer people being productive as people leave their jobs that no longer gain them much.
  • By the same token, the motivation of the poor to improve themselves and get a job is also reduced.
  • If the tax is imposed on a business, this burden will cause borderline successful businesses to close, thus adding to the unemployment.
  • Morally, the government is stealing from those who produce and giving to those who do not. If it was their money, and was done altruistically, this would be a moral act – but because they take from the taxpayer and give without the taxpayer’s blessing, this is simply stealing. If I want a homeless person to have some of my money, I’ll deliver it myself. I don’t need the government to make that decision for me.

Just rememberif you’re getting something for nothing, somebody, somewhere, is getting nothing for something. I’m not sure, but I think this is a quote from one of Robert A. Heinlein’s characters. Maybe Manny in “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress“?


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  1. Brigid says:

    Don’t redistribute our wealth, redistribute our work ethic.

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