Men (and Women) of God

It seems to me that any preacher, pastor, rabbi, or cleric of any stripe who feels called to do God’s work, and requires payment to do it, has questionable motives or misplaced priorities.

The person truly called by God to do His work is going to do that work regardless of payment. And that person will get their reward – sometimes through gifts of man and sometimes direct from God.

The litmus test for a pastor – would you continue to do your job if the money dried up? After all, you said God called you to this ministry!

And again – Pastor – have you ever changed ministries in order to make more money?

Think about it.


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2 Responses to Men (and Women) of God

  1. Although there are rare reports of people living off the Eucharist alone I think it is asking a bit much to expect such holiness of all priests.
    I wonder if priests may receive welfare…

  2. popgun says:

    Hi, Sophia;
    I’m primarily talking about motivation, here. Any pastor worth his salt will be supported gladly by his flock – but if times get hard and the money is gone, will he stick with it?

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