Where Is Mexico Getting Guns?

I keep hearing on the news that the Mexican drug syndicates are getting all their guns from the U.S.; mostly purchased at gun shows and then transported across the border. Nearly every news article on the subject of Mexican drug violence makes this claim.

I’d like to see proof. It would be instructional to see an actual inventory of captured weapons. Does anybody out there know where to find such a list?

While it’s probably true that some guns are being smuggled, I doubt that they are being regularly acquired via straw purchases at gun dealers, or at gun shows. The sheer number of guns in use would seem to rule this out, at least as a general thing.

Although my information is limited, from what I’ve read, the great majority of the non-pistol weapons that have been confiscated are fully automatic weapons – not so easy to get here in the U.S. It has also been in the news that the drug gangs have also recently used grenades. Where did they get them?

My opinion, based on available evidence, is that the great majority of firearms being used by the drug cartels are being acquired from the world-wide black market rather than smuggling from the United States. It would be much more efficient and cost-effective for these cartels to buy in bulk than to do straw purchases at dealers and gun shows in the U.S. It simply doesn’t make sense for them to buy guns one or two at a time.

The entire notion that the liberal news media is pushing about the source of these guns being the United States appears to be propaganda put forth by anti-gun factions in the United States, to further their anti-gun agenda.

I hate being lied to. You really have to do some research and spend some time thinking to get some idea of the truth. You won’t find it in the broadcast news, that’s for sure. They repeat their propaganda so frequently that pretty soon most people accept it as fact. (The issue of global warming is another example of this – have you done any of your own research?).

They want you to believe that taking away MY guns will somehow keep them out of the hands of drug-gangs. Let me explain something to you. I live a few hundred miles from the border – I may well need my guns to protect my family – from those gangs, as well as your run-of-the-mill crooks.

I once calculated that the odds are about 1 in 16 that I would actually need to use my guns in self defense at some point in the remainder of my life (based on 20 more years, and statistics from www.gunfacts.info). The violence spilling out of Mexico changes those odds radically upward. If you live in a state bordering Mexico, now would be a good time to get guns and ammo, and perhaps a concealed handgun license. Time may be short.


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  1. assetprotectionandthecrisis says:

    Here’s the thing. The US federal government has a long history of intervention in Latin America, whether it’s for installing a politician they approve of, removing one, or getting rid of communists. Further, there is ample evidence that they use brute force to get other countries to do as they wish. This can include causing major instability in a country.

    Now, Mexico has a major drug problem, along with general crime, human trafficking, etc. The guns aren’t smuggled into Mexico (though sometimes), nor are they acquired in gun shows, at least in the majority. They are sent in shipments to the gangs by everybody who has an interest in pushing Mexico around to get what they want. They are forced to comply or else their country is on the verge of collapsing. Of course, it doesn’t keep it from collapsing, just safe from a foreign invasion. Without US intervention they would be better off.

    You are right, this is no reason to implement totalitarian politics such as taking the guns away from the people. If anything, it’s more necessary than ever to have guns, especially with such a volatile country south of the border.

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