Why Islam is a Dangerous Religion

<UPDATE> I’d like to update this article to make a point. A comment left by Akhter (see the comments) quite correctly makes the point that my article paints Islam as being at fault because I cite the case of three Muslims who attacked a Christian minister.

Akhter is precisely correct that it is wrong of me to paint all Muslims with the same brush that I used on those villains who attacked the minister. I was wrong to do so, and I ask the forgiveness of anyone I may have offended. I stand corrected.

In fact, I am encouraged that Akhter made this point. In return, I would like to state that Islam really needs to get the message out that they disassociate themselves from the terrorists who kill in the name of Islam. Most people in the U.S. simply haven’t heard that side of it, and to avoid future difficulties, they should. To be honest, I have been on the lookout for some kind of general statement by major voices of Islam that they disassociate themselves from the terrorists, and up until today, the voice of Akhter is the only one I’ve heard.

Thank you, Akhter, for bringing me this message.

Since the primary thrust of my posting is about the philosophy of self defense, the post stands, modified somewhat.



Here’s an article about a Christian minister who was attacked by three Muslim attackers.

<Deleted> SOME Muslims don’t play fair when dealing with Christians; and they don’t see anything wrong with that.

Christians, on the other hand, generally feel constrained to “turn the other cheek” and act within the law. Obviously, the Muslims have an advantage due to the restraint exercised by their victims.

This mindset (of both parties) is very, very similar to the mindset of how common criminals view their victims, and vice-versa.

Those of us who believe in the principle of the individual right to self defense have the answer to both situations. But there needs to be a much higher percentage of the general population who understand this and believe as we do.

Turning the other cheek is clearly NOT going to work. So we all have a choice to make.

If you are interested, earlier entries of mine on the philosophy of self defense are here and here. I also recommend Gun Facts, a source of reliable information on the subject.

And if you are a Christian who wants to know more about the principle of self defense, check out this article at The Cornered Cat. This is the best treatment of this subject I have seen anywhere.


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4 Responses to Why Islam is a Dangerous Religion

  1. akhter says:

    I pose the same question to you why is Christianity a dangerous religion???



    Listed are only events that solely occurred on command or participation of church authorities or were committed in the name of Christianity. (List incomplete)


    * As can be seen from these events, to Christianity the Dark Ages never come to an end.

    If today Christians talk to me about morality, this is why they make me sick.

  2. popgun says:

    akhter, you have pointed out that Christian people have been guilty of atrocity throughout history since the advent of Christianity. I certainly won’t debate that, since it is the truth. The same is clearly true of Islam. However, it is not germane to the purpose of my post.

    The point of my post is to point out that the great majority of Christians, these days at least, seem to think that we should ‘turn the other cheek’ to Islamic aggression; and that I believe this is the wrong response to that aggression. Or any other aggression.

    If Christianity is to survive, Christians must recognize that the principle of self-defense is a allowable policy, something many of them do not currently believe, due to a fundamental misunderstanding of certain parts of the Bible.

    My own personal philosophy is that if you don’t attack me, I won’t attack you; but if you do unilaterally decide to attack me, I have the right to defend myself.

    Do you not feel the same way?


  3. akhter says:

    Just because some thugs beat up a person who is a Christain,it is a good reason for you to make headline and putting the blame wholly on Islam, it is like saying Hitler killed six million Jews its not his fault but Christianity,s. The question of self defence is allowed in Islam, and on that principle i do agree with you , but there is not a single verse in the Quran which is against Humanity, there are many misquoted and even more taken out of context , here is typical list of them, but my point still remains that it is wrong of you and your website to put the blame on islam , when it should be on them ediots who attacked the reverened and thus should be punshied, wheather they are Muslims or not!

  4. exile says:

    I applaud your attempt to be fair. However, in my opinion you are missing a major point. That is, very few Germans were Nazi’s. That did not stop the Holocaust. Very few Soviets were communists. That did not stop the Gulags. Very few Chinese are Communists. that does not stop the persecution of Christians in China today. One or two “moderate” Muslims are not going to stop the overthrow of Western Europe or the U.S. if we keep on going as we are. (Read “While Europe Slept” by Bruce Bauer or “Londonistan” by Melanie Phillips.) Anyway, not trying to slam your blog, just wanted to express my opinion, hope you don’t mind. Take care.

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