To Fail or Not To Fail

There’s a lot of hoopla going on right now about who wants who to fail. Most prominently, this is between Obama’s tools and Rush Limbaugh. I’m sick of these little mind games Obama’s crew wants to use to distract us.

Here’s my opinion on it.

I want Obama’s social agenda to fail. I am a conservative, and I make no apology for that. Obama is trying to force all of America (where around 46% voted against him) to become a nanny state, socialist country where there is less individual freedom or responsibility. I am a grown up, and I can tie my own shoes, thank you very much. He is all for wealth redistribution, abortion, and he is anti-gun; and I am the exact opposite of Obama on all of these things. And I am more than a little pissed that he is using the economy to force his social agenda – because he knows we won’t go there willingly. I, for one, don’t like being pushed around.

I want Obama’s economic bailout to succeed, because people are hurting due to the economy. I don’t think this bailout will succeed, but since he is causing us to spend all this money on his fruit-loop ideas, I hope it’s not all going to waste. But I do not think it will achieve the stated goals. Quite the opposite, I think it is going to get much worse, due to the huge increase in taxes we are about to see. Somebody has to pay for this, and it is going to be us, and our children. Yes, you too.

I don’t give a rip whether Obama fails or succeeds as a President. I care nothing about him personally one way or another – all I care about is that he is apparently trying to change the country I grew up in to something different – and I don’t like it one bit.

I also don’t like that he is using what I consider underhanded methods to achieve this change. For instance, using SCHIP to tax smokers to punish that behavior. I don’t smoke, but I don’t like the way he thinks. Another example is this proposed carbon tax. He wants to punish industries that generate ‘green-house gases’ to force a change to ‘green’ alternatives. Even though there is no consensus among scientists that global warming even exists. Stupid. We are about to destroy our economy (what’s left of it) due to a fanatical belief in pseudoscience by the liberals.

Taxation is supposed to be a means for the government to acquire working capital. There is nothing in the constitution (that I know of) that allows the government to use taxation to control behavior, even though it has been done in the past, and Obama believes in doing this big-time. Again, I don’t like being herded. I resent any attempt by anybody at any time to manipulate me. And that is what Obama wants to do.

And I am seriously going to be annoyed when my electric bill doubles and gasoline goes back up due to this carbon tax Obama wants to implement. I see it coming. I am in that group who’s taxes are not supposed to rise; but I see it coming big as Dallas.

I hate being right all the time, but many of the predictions I made back in October are being fulfilled, and there are signs that many more of them will be. And it is happening way faster than I expected.


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