Trying to Make Sense of it All

Either global warming is happening, or it’s not. There is sufficient data which conflict with the idea of global warming to, at the very least, cast serious doubt on it.

Even if it is happening, there is even less evidence to support the idea that mankind has anything to do with it.

Yet our government is making major decisions based on global warming as if it was a confirmed fact. This is at the very least extremely illogical. These people generally refuse to examine the available evidence.

Statistics clearly and unambiguously show that all violent crimes decrease both in quantity and magnitude in areas where the right to carry firearms for personal self defense is respected. Almost all mass killings occur in ‘gun free zones’. All available evidence shows that more guns equal less crime. Additionally, on an individual basis, you are far less likely to be a victim of a violent crime if you are carrying a firearm.

Yet many people are absolutely convinced that the only solution to gun violence is to ban all guns. There’s no convincing them that they are wrong, either. They refuse to examine the evidence.

There are a great many more subjects like this; for instance, do some research on how the economy really got trashed… if you dare to study, and make up your own mind. Abandon your pre-conceived ideas and actually go study it. You might be surprised.

These and many other topics are examples of ingrained belief systems; people believe a certain way and lose all interest in studying evidence; especially that which contradicts the established belief.

This is a very, very dangerous way to live in today’s world. Bad decisions are made based on incorrect data. It seems to be clear that our government is overflowing with this kind of thinking.

We have a problem.


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