Oil Supply Revisited

I’ve blogged about this before, but it’s time to mention it again.

Our government is basing energy policy on environmental concerns (global warming) that are not only unproven, but about which serious doubt exists. There are a great many reasons that man-made global warming is in doubt. For one thing, over the past year the global temperature has cooled to the point that it has wiped out the warming over the last 100 years. Here is an excellent article pointing out the flaws in the current thinking. Also, my previous posts are here and here.

I said all that to prepare for this:

The Green River formation in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming has about 800,000,000,000 recoverable barrels of oil available. This is enough to supply our total oil consumption for about 109 years. Plus off-shore and in Alaska, and natural gas in Louisiana and Texas.

All we have to do is go get it.

Many thousands of badly needed jobs would become available almost immediately. And we would save hundreds of billions of dollars EVERY YEAR that we are now paying to foreigners for oil.

Opening these sources up to drilling now would solve the United States’ cash-flow problem, within a few years.

But the Democratic policy is not to allow any more drilling here or anywhere, because they think they are ‘saving the planet’, to quote Nancy Pelosi. The obvious fallacy of this is that we’re still burning that oil – we’re just getting it from somewhere else, at great cost. So refusing to use our own resources has NO impact on protecting the environment.

We’ve got major economic problems. We also have a way to solve a great many of them; but we are constrained from doing so by people who are probably acting in good faith, but on bad information.

By drilling for our own oil, we could then leisurely make the transition to alternative sources of energy before our reserves are consumed, and in a much less painful way than the Democrats are trying to ram down our throats at present. Because their goal is to make a transition to alternative sources of energy at any cost – without regard to the economic damage we will take in doing so.

My goal would be to do the same thing, but without going cold turkey on oil, and with a lot less pain.


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