Stimulus Revisited

At this late date, it appears that the “stimulus” package is a trojan horse. It’s made to look like something everybody wants – something to fix the economy; but in reality, it is social engineering on a massive scale.

About a third of the bill, pages 806-1251 of 1434 total, are dedicated to giving the government bureaucracy control of what your doctor can do for you. The intent is to cut costs by limiting access to advanced (costly) drugs and treatments. In short, the federal government is about to become your new PPO – only worse!

Soon, the government will make decisions about whether you are worth the investment to save your life, when you are old and things get bad. These decisions will no longer be in your hands.

Then there are the little things, like the clause that prohibits the use of government funds to refurbish any building that might be used to conduct a religious function.

I’m certain there are a great many more things in there that I haven’t heard about yet.

This bill is a bad bill that will do far more harm than good.


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