Obama’s Not Doing So Well…

Obama seems to be having trouble finding honest democrats to fill seats in his cabinet. It seems most of them cheat on their taxes.

Then Judd Gregg withdrew from his nomination as Commerce Secretary, when he realized that the most important part of it – conducting the census – was being yanked out from under him.

Then there is Obama’s performance in the area of International Relations; his very first TV interview was on a Muslim station. Obama was, if anything, apologetic for the past policies of the U.S. Of course, Iran immediately went on the verbal offensive.

And Obama is acting defensive about this “stimulus” bill. He’s pushing hard to get it passed all around. I think he was shocked when he didn’t get the Republican vote he wanted. Bipartisan, this bill is not. Pelosi shut the republicans out of the process completely. Obama went so far as to go out and campaign for this bill. Campaigning is, after all, one of Obama’s few proven abilities – he’s quite good at it.

I am greatly concerned about one thing. Some of Obama’s followers seem to consider interacting with Obama a religious experience. This is frightening in more ways than one. God said “thou shalt have no other gods before Me” – Exodus 20:3. Anybody worshipping Obama is breaking this commandment big time. Our country will not be blessed for this.

Then there’s talk of bringing back the Fairness Doctrine. On the face of it, the Fairness Doctrine sounds reasonable – just require radio and TV stations to give equal time to opposite viewpoints on anything political. The problem with this is that left-leaning broadcasts are not nearly as popular as those from the right; therefore it doesn’t draw the income that the current shows produce. If the Fairness Doctrine is brought back, the effect will be that stations will cancel these shows, rather than have to give equal time to the other side. This effectively brings and end to right-leaning talk shows, such as Rush Limbaugh. Thereby violating all kinds of aspects of the First Amendment.

So far, I haven’t seen Obama do anything I thought was good for the country. And if this “stimulus” bill a.k.a. “porkulus” does finally pass completely, as it may any minute, he will have done an amazing lot of harm. That many of us won’t notice except that times will be getting harder.

In short, it’s going about like I thought it would.


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