“Stimulus” Package – NOT!

O.K. now, I have about had enough.

This so-called “stimulus” bill has NOTHING to do with economic recovery and EVERYTHING to do with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed and Barack Obama’s far left hidden agenda.

THIS is why they are in such a blasted hurry to get this bill passed. Because it WON’T STAND UP TO SCRUTINY by the majority of Americans.

They are trying to sneak one by on the American public! A BIG one!

There’s proof everywhere you look. Like the stipulation that none of the money could be spent on renovating any school that allows “religious worship”, defined as: “sectarian instruction, religious worship or a school or department of divinity.” This could even include schools that allow prayer meetings on campus. Besides the funding, they are also trying to set a legal precedent.

I – am – sick – and – tired – of – our – freaking – government – telling – me – where – I – may – and – may – not – pray – or – worship. THAT is NOT what this country is about!

This country is supposed to have freedom of religion. What these Democrats with an agenda are trying to sneak past is a big step on the road to ending that. They don’t want freedom of religion. They want NO religion. Well, if they don’t want God in their lives, that’s their choice – but where do they get off trying to inflict their views on me?

From now on, every time I go into a post office, or to the courthouse for jury duty, I plan to spend as much time as possible praying for the souls of any Democrats in the area. That should piss’em off.

Calm, calm… ommmmmm… peace in the mind, serenity in the veins – lower the blood pressure…


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