And Here’s the Problem:

Fox News has an article up, “Protester Calls for Jews to ‘Go Back to the Oven’…

And it demonstrates the real problem between Israel (and the U.S.A.) and at least a large part of the Muslim world. How do you contend with an enemy that wants you dead so badly that they are willing to strap explosives to their children and send them out to blow up civilians?

I don’t know any Muslims, personally, much less any terrorists. I have, however, met implacable, mindless hatred before. It’s not pretty.

The sentiment expressed here, by a protester, is absolutely abhorrent, at least to any Christian. A certain protester called on the Jews to ‘go back to the oven’. It crosses my mind to wonder if these protestors are what the politically correct press calls ‘extremists’; or are they ‘terrorists’; or are they representative of the general run of all Muslims?

I’m being honest here; I may be wrong about my conclusions. My data sources are mostly what I see in the news media, plus some other reading I’ve done. I have not made a deep study of this, though perhaps I should. I am aware that my viewpoint is by definition flawed due to these limitations. What follows is a point of view based on what I have seen:

I don’t personally know any Muslims, to get to know, or to ask about these events. I’d really like to have an opinion from a source other than the news media. From where I sit, it looks like Muslims generally want to exterminate all of Israel, Jews everywhere, and the U.S.A. along with them. They don’t just want us to leave. They want us dead. If they could kill us all in one stroke, they would. The only thing protecting us is that they haven’t figured out a way to do it. From what I have read, if you’re not a Muslim, you’re a dog; and there is no penalty for killing a dog. So, I believe, their hatred of the Jews is also extended to the U.S.A. and all Christians or members other religions.

I find the lack of vigorous condemnation of the terrorists by the supposedly non-violent Muslims a bit disquieting. Do they in reality agree in principal with the terrorists, and are just keeping quiet for the moment because that is to their advantage in some way?

So they randomly lob rockets into Israel for months and years, indiscriminately killing civilians; and then they cry foul when Israel acts to defend its citizens. Hamas puts their rocket launchers in the midst of civilians, using their own people as human shields; and then try to make an international incident out of it when those people get killed, as Israel tries to stop the hail of rockets being dropped on them. To me, the Israelis have the high moral ground, here. They don’t hide behind their own civilians. I’m here to tell you that if, say, Mexico started lobbing rockets over into Texas, we wouldn’t even wait for the military – we’d retaliate immediately. I think Israel has shown amazing restraint in holding off as long as they did.

So how do you deal with something like that? How do you get peace when (some of) the Muslims have this unreasoning hatred and want you dead at all costs? When (some of) the Muslims say they want peace, it’s only so they can have time to sharpen their swords and accumulate weapons. When they think they’re tough enough to do some damage, they start up the fight again.

I don’t think the Israelis particularly want to exterminate the Muslims; they just want to be left alone. But the converse is not true. And NO amount of negotiation or peace-brokering will change this. I say again – peace talks and negotiation with these people will not work. Although it may give the appearance of working, until the Muslims are ready to attack again.

So from a purely logical standpoint, I only see four possible options for peace:

  1. All non-Muslims convert to Islam. (Since I am a Christian, that’s out!)
  2. All (violent) Muslims change their way of thinking and become non-violent.
  3. All non-Muslims are murdered by the (violent) Muslims so they can have the world to themselves. This is what I think they would prefer to do.
  4. All (violent) Muslims are killed by non-Muslims in self defense. This is what Israel is working on at the moment.

To achieve peace, I see no other choices than these. Do you? I’d be very interested in any additional possibilities; maybe I’ve overlooked something. If these are all the choices we’ve got, then the war on terror is going to go on until Jesus comes back to straighten us out.

In my opinion, the only acceptable solution in this list is #2. Unfortunately, I don’t have a clue how that can happen. I hope one of you has a better, more attractive solution.

To repeat my caveats – the viewpoint above is based on what I see, from where I sit right here in East Texas. I am aware that my viewpoint may be biased or wrong, or may need to be refined or clarified; but what I’ve described here is the way it looks from where I sit, at this very moment. I do not wish to offend anyone, I just want to understand the true situation.

I would really, really like to have other ideas here. Anybody have any?


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2 Responses to And Here’s the Problem:

  1. J says:

    I agree with you on most of this. I know several (as you classified them) non-violent Muslims but haven’t really felt right about breeching this topic. I have many opinions about this, but I wouldn’t call them suitable for this format of discussion.

    But I think you answered your own question with the statement about this going on until Jesus comes back. There is no feasible way to resolve the problems you detailed because it requires people to all think alike and share the same values. Not going to happen. Not as long humans have free will.

    In the mean time, I stick to what I believe to be right and true and do my best to live my life in a way that I feel most glorifies God. Because that’s all I can control. Unfortunately, every terrorist out there feels the same way.

  2. popgun says:

    They really only have to change one thing in their thinking – that it is acceptable for other people to believe differently than they do.

    That is the problem with the way the Muslim (extremists) think.


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