January 1, 2009…

A mostly quiet day. Pretty cool in the morning, it warmed almost up to tee-shirt weather in the afternoon.

Wife and I spent a good part of the day putting up Christmas decorations. This is a bigger job than it sounds; because we only access this stuff once a year, we store it in the most inaccessible regions of our storage facilities. So you move a lot of stuff out of the way to get it in or out.


Our dog, Rascal, is, well, mental. By the way, that’s his duck, and you’re not getting it! He’s wired a little funny, in a cute quirky way. He’ll be wagging his tail and growling at you. Getting to know him can be fairly exciting. Do not mess with his feet. Pick things out of his fur at your peril.

At the same time, he’s been totally reliable around children. But we watch him anyway.

Well, anyway, there was a fair amount of tiny fragments of styrofoam packing on the floor in the living room in the midst of the latter stages of the clean-up chaos, and Rascal took it upon himself to roll over on it. Turns out he has quite an electrostatic charge! I’m going to have to get some packing peanuts to throw at him.

Getting the bits of white fluff off of Rascal is something I succeeded at without actually getting bit; but he wanted me to think I was going to get bit. Weird dog. But I love him. There are only a few people on this world that are always glad to see me – and he’s one of them.

The last time I took Rascal to the vet I told the good doctor that I have to make Rascal last the rest of my life, because my wife told me he is my last dog.

I spent a fair amount of time today doing computer things, and I had to go in to work for a while; but none of it was at a break-neck pace. All in all, not bad. It’s been a good day.

I hope the rest of 2009 goes this well. For us, and you as well.


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  1. J says:

    He really is a great dog. And has lots of other names… Some of the names I have for him:

    Carpet Alligator
    Fuzzy Butt
    Stupid Fluff Covered Chainsaw
    Get Off Me

    Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!!

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