Flailing Around…

When you are in water over your head, and you can’t swim, and you start to drown – you panic. You start flailing around, wild-eyed, heart racing, lungs heaving, trying to find a way to breath.

My perception is that this is what our illustrious government is doing.

The fact is, they don’t know how to fix the economy. And they’re panicked.

I don’t think they have a clue. I don’t think anybody does.

The economy is a chaotic system, like the weather, which – for all our science and computers – can not be predicted reliably more than a few days into the future. We collectively know a lot about the weather; but in spite of studying it for hundreds of years, our best predictions are only ten days out, and those predictions aren’t worth spit.

The economy is going to do what it wants to do, and the best thing anybody can do about it is to sit tight and wait for it to stabilize on its own. The more the government tries to manipulate it, the more uncertainty they introduce into it. It’s like trying to stabilize a Microsoft Windows system when things start going wrong – try this, it gets worse; try that, it gets worse still. Pretty soon, you have an unstable system; format the drive and start over.

Of course, because they are the government, they think they must act. Therefore, we are in for a rough time.


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  1. J says:

    Well said and extremely logical. If nothing else, this has probably improved a lot of people’s prayer lives.

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