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Upper Management Doesn’t Get The Picture

I just heard on the news that these three auto industry executives went to beg for money in Washington; all three of them flew there on corporate jets, costing their companies each around $20,000 for the one flight (according to … Continue reading

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Politically Correct – Help?

Hi, friends; The last two entries got me to thinking. I want to compile a list of pairs of statements – politically correct vs reality. When I get a few together, I’ll post them here. You are invited to put … Continue reading

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Redistribution of Wealth

While we’re at it, “redistribution of wealth” is stealing. Let’s cut the crap – renaming bad things to make them more palatable is pure self-delusion. Watch out for all such attempts to white-wash evil. Calling something what it really is … Continue reading

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Health Care Centers

Joan Malin, of Planned Parenthood of NYC refers to abortion centers as “health care centers” which provide “reproductive health care”. Murdering unborn babies is not “health care”. -Popgun

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