Accessing Data on Joe the Plumber

Michelle Malkin has a couple of articles on the illegal accessing of Joe the Plumber’s personal records by several different government bureaucrats who had access to government computer systems. I won’t go into detail of that part of it right now.

It is stated in one of the articles that some of these data accesses were done as a favor to a reporter friend.

I’d like to point out that the only reason the public (and the victim) knows about this illegal access is that the liberal media published the results.

If they got interested in your records, for instance, you’d never know about it – unless they told you, or the press.

I wonder how many of us have been illegally snooped by these ‘public servants’ or others like them?

Big Brother is Watching You. NOTE that, at least in this one, known, case, the miscreants doing the snooping all have a Democratic, or liberal, or left-wing agenda. But I bet this goes on all the time, probably sometimes without even political reasons; “as a favor to a friend”, etc.

There are laws against this sort of access. There are also ‘gun free zones’ which also don’t work. The lesson here is that if there is no mechanism to enforce a law, that law is useless to prevent criminals from doing their dirty work. The law may punish them if they’re caught – but it won’t stop them from doing the deed. Many, many people have died in “gun free zones” because those who might have been able to stop a killer were disarmed by the law. Of course, those killers are easy to catch, in the sense that their crime announces itself loudly. This is not true of illegal data access, or ‘snooping’.

And I suspect that many, many people have been ‘snooped’ – and the victims never find out about it.

Law as applied now cannot stop this. Got any ideas?


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