Why I’m Voting For McCain

I’ve written in the past about the many reasons I’m NOT voting for Obama. It occurs to me that I haven’t really made it clear why I AM voting for McCain.

There are a great many reasons. The belief system, the values, the moral stance, the policies of McCain and Palin are much more in line with my personal belief system. Economics, abortion, gun rights, right on down the line I’m in agreement with these people, and in fact I admire them. No need to go into specifics, but when you get right down to it, I believe they have the correct direction for the U.S.A., especially compared to the competition.

The very fact that Obama has tried so very hard to conceal certain aspects of his beliefs and his radical associations, while John McCain and Sarah Palin have concealed nothing at all, is very revealing. For instance, after a two year campaign, it only became clear in the last couple of weeks that Obama is a strong supporter of ‘redistribution of wealth’, by whatever name you want to call it. Why is it that this only became apparent in the last couple of weeks? Because Obama concealed it, knowing that it would work against him in this campaign. Obama is an onion that you have to peel layer by layer, with obfuscation and misdirection all the way. I perceive this as dishonesty. I don’t know enough about what he really thinks to trust him.

Whereas, John McCain and Sarah Palin are open books, with histories and records that are available for inspection. And we, the people, need to have confidence that we know how our President and V.P. will react, to represent us properly in any given situation. Acquiring this confidence is easy with the McCain ticket; with Obama, not so much.

Motivation is another factor. I’m not intending to criticize any specific politicians, but it is my perception that the great majority of them try to get the jobs they have for reasons involving personal wealth, benefits and power. It is my opinion that very few politicians get into politics specifically because they actually want to serve their country.

Having spent this election cycle studying all of the candidates, it is my belief that both John McCain and Sarah Palin do in fact actually want the job in order to serve our country. And ultimately, that is the difference.


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