It’s a Battle Between Ideologies

This election constitutes a choice of ideologies. I’m going to outline here the choices as I understand them. Your mileage may vary.

The reason this is important is that we’re not just voting on the President; chances are that both houses of the congress will continue to be controlled by the Democrats. If the elected president is also a Democrat, then the Democrats will not have anything acting to check their liberal agendas. If a Republican is elected as POTUS, then that person can at least act to resist the Democratic agenda – just as the congress can act to resist the President’s Republican agenda. That’s why our system of government is referred to as a ‘system of checks and balances’. However, if Obama gets elected as POTUS, the checks and balances are gone. Which of course is what they want.

First, the Democrats – in no particular order:

  1. Democrats believe in big government as a solution to many social problems. They believe that the government should have more control of our private lives. To ‘protect’ us, because they know best what’s good for us.
  2. They believe in ‘redistribution of wealth’ to correct what they perceive as social injustice. Obama has confirmed in his own words that he thinks this way. This is socialism, pure and simple. This means, if you are successful, they will act to ‘milk’ that success, and give it to the unsuccessful for free. A side effect of this is, of course, that those people that are capable of being successful have much less incentive to do so. After all, what’s the point of working hard to succeed, when at the end of the day you gain little or nothing from it? Especially when the folks across the street don’t work at all, and are doing almost as well as you?
  3. Corollary to #2, is taxation. With Democrats in charge, taxes will go up – no matter what they’re telling you now. Yes, Obama says that “95% of Americans will get a tax cut” – but that is after he cancels President Bush’s tax cuts. Don’t let him fool you – there will be a net increase in the taxes you pay. Additionally, Democrats want to tax companies more; the more successful the company, the more the tax. But this has consequences; for instance, if you tax the oil companies more, then they will correspondingly increase the consumer price for their products to cover the increase, because that tax is an operating expense of the companies. So prices of almost all products will increase under the Democrats. All the programs the Democrats have promised us have to be paid for somehow, and ultimately, they will be paid for by us! A short digression about taxes: Ultimately, the burden of ANY tax is on the consumer. Tax is always a parasitical mechanism. Taxes are designed to pay for services that have no built-in way to pay their own way, such as our military, for instance. We need the military, but it doesn’t have a mechanism to make money on its own. When taxes increase beyond what is needed to maintain basic services, as the Democrats want to do, it acts as a drag on the free economy, and less people will be successful. The parasite (taxes) becomes a health issue for the host (the tax paying citizens of the U.S.).
  4. The Democrats lean left in their sense of morality; in the case of Obama, way left. Anything goes, with the left. They promote: unlimited abortions (murdering unborn children for the convenience of the mother), allowing the death of viable babies which result from botched abortions, gay marriage, mild punishment for unspeakable crimes such as child molesting, and much more.
  5. Democrats do not believe in strict interpretation of the Constitution of the United States. They ‘feel’ that laws should be interpreted to suit the judge. This gives judges too much power, results in non-uniform justice, and allows the judges to bend and break the Bill of Rights.
  6. Democrats are (generally) against the Second Amendment: they don’t think I should have the right to own firearms for self defense or sport. I personally have a problem with this, since I enjoy owning and shooting firearms.
  7. Democrats have demonstrated a lack of respect for the First Amendment – of anybody that disagrees with them. They have professed a desire to change the rules so that radio stations could not justify right-wing talk radio, for instance. And Obama has these ‘truth squads’ that seriously worry me. Rather, the thinking behind them worries me. Their stated purpose is to stop any lies about Obama; their actual purpose is to suppress free speech.
  8. Democrats believe in international politics of appeasement. If the bully shakes his fist at you, give him money and maybe he’ll leave you alone. Snort.
  9. Corollary to #8 – Democrats believe in a weak military; Obama is going to gut the military of funding because of all those new programs they want to put in place. See #1, 2 and 3 above.
  10. There’s probably more, but these are the issues that come to mind.

Now, the Republicans – same order as above:

  1. Republicans believe in general that less government is better than more government. While not perfect in their execution of this principle, they do tend to stay out of my business more than the Democrats would. I get the feeling that they have more respect for the common man or woman.
  2. Republicans believe that if you earn it, you should get to keep it. This means that you are rewarded for the effort you expend to succeed. It also means more jobs for those that want to work. And it means that people who have no work ethic don’t get free goodies, as much. Since I work for a living, and have accumulated a small amount of success, I appreciate the fact that the Republicans won’t arbitrarily take some of it and give it away. In short, we are free to succeed – or fail; and we are in large part responsible for that ourselves.
  3. Republicans believe that it is generally good for the economy to keep taxes low, both for companies and for individuals. The economy can grow in low-tax conditions. Our personal ability to spend increases under the Republicans. Usually.
  4. Republicans lean right in their sense of morality. They respect the idea that an unborn child is still a real, live baby that deserves a chance to live, even if that is inconvenient for the mother. They believe in the sanctity of marriage, they believe in assessing fair punishment to criminals, and in general (but not 100%) support the Christian principals this country was founded on.
  5. Republicans believe in strict interpretation of the Constitution. Judges may not legislate from the bench. The Bill of Rights stands, and Republicans will fight for your right to argue with them.
  6. Republicans generally support the Second Amendment – the right of individuals to bear arms. I do have the right to own firearms for sporting use and to defend myself. It’s nice to be trusted to be responsible with a gun!
  7. As mentioned in #5, we have the right to argue with Republicans. Democrats – not so much, if they have their way.
  8. Militarily, Republicans believe in dealing from strength. “Walk softly and carry a big stick”. Historically, this is a remarkably effective policy.
  9. Republicans believe in a strong military. See #8 – big stick. I like it.

This comparison probably is far from complete, but these are the main points of difference in my mind. Note that there are, of course, politicians on both sides who deviate from the party philosophy, but in general, this is how it is.

So you can see, there are important decisions to be made in this election. Which of the systems above would you prefer to live under?

As for me, I’ll be mostly voting Republican. With all their warts, I think they make more comfortable neighbors than the Democrats.


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