Debate 3

Oh, I don’t know – I think McCain ‘won’ by a bit. He made some really good points that Obama failed to defend. Obama flat-out lied about his voting record on abortion and allowing living babies to die of neglect if they were the result of a botched abortion.

And about the Ayers connection; the main point here is not that Obama knows the man – the real question that matters is: how much ideology do they share? And the same question applies to Reverend Wright. No, it’s not about the issues, directly; it’s about how Obama thinks when he is presented with an issue. Personally, I strongly suspect that Obama respects and associates with these people because he shares their views, just as I tend to spend time with people who share my views. So the question becomes – do we want somebody as POTUS that shares the views of Ayers and Wright? BOTH of them hate the USA. And Obama is OK with that.

And then there’s Joe the Plumber – and Obama said he wants to ‘spread the wealth around’. Snort. If somebody is getting something for nothing, somebody, somewhere, is getting nothing for something…

Obama loses my vote for many reasons, and these are just a very few. Here’s a more complete list.


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