Sarah Palin’s Ethics

The Troopergate Report states that Palin abused her power in office as governor, to the extent that she did not prevent her husband from attempting to get Bad Trooper Wooten fired. However, she was completely within her authority to terminate Monegan. Some thoughts on this subject:

  1. The commission was partisan, in favor of Obama. Democratic Senator Hollis French started promising an “October Surprise” before a single witness had been heard. Think the content or timing were not planned?
  2. The left is going to amplify this beyond all recognition. Watch out for major distortions and outright lies.
  3. The investigator, Branchflower, examined every direct or indirect contact that Governor Palin or her husband had that could possibly be related – and in NONE of them did Sarah or Todd Palin demand or request that Wooten be fired.
  4. So it appears that Sarah Palin did nothing wrong except fail to act to stop her husband from using her contacts and office, to express concern about a rogue cop. Big Deal.

Let’s put that in perspective: Bad Trooper Wooten has:

  1. Tazered a child.
  2. Drank while on duty as a trooper.
  3. Made death threats against someone – in this case, Palin’s father.

This guy should NOT be an officer of the law, not in Alaska, not anywhere.

If that threat had been delivered in person to Sarah Palin’s father, according to Texas law, Mr. Palin would have had the legal right to defend himself with lethal force. That’s how serious this is. Death threats, drinking on the job, tazering children. No surprise that the Palins felt he should be removed from the police force. Clearly, he should not be in a position of authority.

So, in summary – Sarah Palin’s only failing was to allow use of her office and contacts with some of her staff by her husband. Who was trying to do something that really should have been done.

Now, the Democrats and the left will try to blow this up all out of proportion – so let’s put it in perspective:


  1. $800,000 to Acorn – who’s trying to get out the vote (for Obama) – and attempted to conceal it in his FEC disclosure. Clerical error my ass.
  2. Worked for Acorn – teaching their operatives how to get those low-interest loans for people who can’t make the payments – that ultimately caused the current economic crisis. This activity was only revealed a couple of weeks ago – What else is still under Obama’s rug?
  3. Worked for William Ayers, unrepentant terrorist, to indoctrinate schoolchildren with radical politics. For years. “Just a guy in my neighborhood”. Yeah, right.
  4. Got a sweetheart deal on his house and property, in a questionable deal with Tony Resco, now a convicted felon.
  5. Worshiped for twenty years at the feet of Reverend Wright, a radical U.S. hater – but never heard anything that was objectionable. Yeah, sure.
  6. Endorsed by leading terrorists everywhere! Most lately – Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam told his congregation that Obama is the Messiah! Scary!
  7. Created “Truth Squads” to suppress dissenting views. He’ll support the First Amendment – as long as it’s not inconvenient for him.
  8. And many more… too many ‘coincidences’.


  1. Let her husband use her office to make some phone calls.
  2. Oh, wait, that’s about it.



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  1. Brigid says:

    I wish I had the money to make this post a full page ad in the Times.

  2. Popgun says:

    Thanks, Brigid!

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