What is Obama’s Guiding Principal?

Regarding this question of Obama’s shady associations with terrorists and criminals, I’ve seen it referred to in the news as an implication of ‘guilt by association’.

I’d like to point out that the issue is NOT Obama’s ‘guilt by association’ with these people. Hanging around with bad people does not make you guilty of anything. The real point here is the light this shines on how Obama thinks. What sort of people is he comfortable with? Who does he think is OK to work with? Who’s views does he really share?

It isn’t about guilt – the correct question is “How does he think?”.

Personally, I don’t trust him. Largely because of these associations. Too many of them are subversive (Ayers), too many of them don’t scruple to use shady means to achieve their goals (ie Acorn). Long term exposure to racist preachers that hate the U.S. (Wright). Too many of them are flat out crooks (Resco). There are several others along these lines as well. It fits in well with his interest in talking to leaders of rogue regimes like Iran and North Korea, as well. He just might be a bit too comfortable with them.

What is Obama’s guiding principal? He preaches ‘change’, and I’m absolutely certain that, if elected, he will deliver that. But we all need to be asking more specifically just exactly what change he’s going to bring!

Not just the part you want to hear about, like health care, etc. All of it. If elected, what is he REALLY going to do that he HASN’T told us about?


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