The Vice Presidential Debate

The consensus seems to be that Palin won. That’s what I think, too.

On the John McCain website, there is a list of the things that Biden got wrong, whether intentionally or for whatever reason. And on this list is expanded upon somewhat.

Palin simply out-debated Biden. He knows a lot of stuff, but she just did a better job.

I’m a happy camper – I think Palin will make an excellent vice-president; yes, there are a lot of things she needs to know in more depth, but she’s already made a good start (obviously) on filling those gaps.

Palin won by being herself, and sticking to her facts and what she knows. Biden, on the other hand, when he didn’t know something, made it up as he went along, or distorted the facts.

People love Palin because when her mouth moves, she doesn’t seem to be lying – like most politicians.


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