On A Personal Note…

I just want to whine a little bit.

I’m getting pretty doggone tired of the need to parse every single news interview of a candidate and check every single statement to see if the interviewer is putting spin on the situation. I’m truly tired of ‘trick’ questions designed to embarrass a candidate. These sorts of things happen so frequently now that you have to pay attention to see if you’re being yanked around.

I’m getting bloomin’ tired of candidates that distort the truth in any way whatsoever. Both parties are guilty of ads that tell the exact truth – but they tell it in such a way as to spin the situation in their favor.

I’m also getting bloomin’ tired of candidates that tell outright lies – about themselves, or about their competitors.

I’m tired of cover-ups. I’m tired of candidates that obfuscate their past (i.e. Obama’s relationships to Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright, and others). I’m tired of statements by candidates that misrepresent the intent of what the other candidate said. I’m tired of personal attacks on candidates or their family members (of Sarah Palin, for instance), and I’m tired of 3rd grade level name calling by people who propose to run the country (pigs and lipstick, anyone?).

Doggone it, anybody running for President of the United States ought to have some pride and dignity. There ought to be some level below which they will not go; and won’t allow their party to go, either. But instead we get pigs and lipstick.

And I’m freaking tired of news media with an agenda of their own.

Folks, we the people need real, undistorted information in order to make good choices.

When any of you (interviewers or candidates or news media or bloggers) decide to ‘spin’ things or tell outright lies, you are acting against the best interests of this country. Oh, and name calling does not help.

What with all that is going on in (and out of) this country right now, we need the truth more than ever.

I will say that everything I’ve said on this blog is true to the best of my knowledge at the time I write it. However, I will also have to say that I do often rely on statements and articles that are written by others. I do try very hard to filter out the crap, to apply my intellect to separating out the truth. So I can make you this promise: If you read it here, it is the truth as I understand it. I may be wrong, but I’m not spinning it – either way. I will not tell you a lie in order to manipulate your beliefs.

We the people need to stand up and insist on truthfulness. We need to insist on it from our news media. We need to insist on it from candidates. We need to insist on it from political parties. And we need to insist on it from serving politicians.

If they don’t give us the truth, we can vote with our feet – boycott them, or vote against them.

It is sometimes possible to get at the truth. But you do have to dig for it. I fear not enough people will go to the trouble.


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