Obama’s Police-State Tactics

Read this article on Hot Air. I’d repeat it, but it’s very clear and links to all the sources. Good job, Allahpundit!

Obama’s “truth squads” – check it out! It seems to be not too far short of the Gestapo. Obama’s “truth squads” are commonly employing tools of intimidation – right now, threats of legal action. They are frightening people into silence.

Obama wants to suppress, well, people like me; people with opinions that differ with his. The only difference between Obama’s “truth squads” and the Gestapo is one of degree – Hitler’s Gestapo carried the intimidation right on into incarceration, physical violence and murder.

Obama’s respect for the First Amendment lasts right up until you disagree with him.

This clearly demonstrates Obama’s stand on the First Amendment. We already know what his take is on the Second Amendment. How many more Amendments is he going to bend, or disregard completely?

Do we really want a president that thinks ‘truth squads’ are a good idea?


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  1. Obama for Omerica says:

    New Obama Campaign Poster Released for Missouri

    Campaign is testing it out there and will be going national with it in all 57 states if they can get away with it.

    Here is the Link:

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